Wells Fargo Marketing Support for Apple Pay

Wells Fargo Marketing Support for Apple PayApple Pay may be the new kid on the mobile payments block, but some of the biggest retailers and financial institutions in the world are eager to embrace the nascent payments service launched this month by the venerable iPhone maker.

One of the most recent financial behemoths to announce support for Apple Pay is Wells Fargo. In fact, the team at Wells Fargo has begun heavily marketing its incentive to get customers to try the service.

Just check out in a merchant app or look for the Near Field Communication (NFC) symbol at checkout registers in stores and use your iPhone 6 Touch ID™ to authorize payment quickly and securely.

“Use your iPhone 6 to make an Apple Pay purchase with your Wells Fargo Credit Card by November 30, 2014, and you’ll earn a $20 statement credit,” Wells Fargo says on its website.

Not too shabby. Wells Fargo is offering customers upwards of $20 in bill credits just for giving the Apple payments service a shot.

Wells Fargo joins the likes of American Express, Bank of America, and Chase among the leading financial firms to get on board Apple Pay right out of the gates.