Wednesday Webinar: How to Evolve Beyond Broadcast Push Notifications

Wednesday Webinar How to Evolve Beyond Broadcast Push NotificationsThis afternoon, the team at FollowAnalytics and MMA will present a webinar that could be of significant value to no shortage of marketers in the modern mobile age.

In short, it’s all about getting personal.

“A great majority of marketers are failing to answer the clarion call from consumers to speak to them on a 1-to-1 basis,” the webinar’s registration page reads. “But some are doing it right. Learn how you can employ emerging technology and smarts to drive sales, engagement and innovation to differentiate yourself from competitive brands and products.”

This particular webinar is billed as being just as important to marketers “as sunblock and a good book for the beach.”

“Don’t miss out on the contextual revolution that has become a core requirement for marketers and an expectation of users,”

To register for this afternoon’s webinar, click here.