Websites with the Look of an Android App: Google Launches ‘Material Design Lite’

Websites with the Look of an Android App Google Launches ‘Material Design Lite’It has been the bane of websites for some time: getting websites to appear on small screen devices in something other than hideous shape.

Now Google is offering a solution.

Yes, your favorite website may soon look a lot like an Android app.

Google has announced Material Design Lite (MDL), which brings its Material Design guidelines to the Web using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

“Google says MDL is framework agnostic, and can be used with just about any front-end solution a web designer or developer might want to use. Gzipped, MDL’s code is under 27kb,” notes TheNextWeb. “For those interested in using MDL, Google is offering up buttons, text-fields, tooltips, and spinners. There are also responsive grids and breakpoints that follow Material Design and adaptive UI guidelines.”

Reportedly, MDL works best on “modern evergreen browsers” including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

According to Google, “MDL makes it easy to add a material design look and feel to your websites. The “Lite” part of MDL comes from several key design goals: MDL has few dependencies, making it easy to install and use.”

Have questions or issues? More details are available here.