Webinar: What Can Mobile Marketing Automation Do For Your Omnichannel Strategy?

Wednesday Webinar How to Evolve Beyond Broadcast Push NotificationsThis week, the MMA outlined an eagerly anticipated webinar scheduled for Thursday that you may want to register for if you haven’t already.

As explained on the webinar’s registration page, the fragmented device and channel ecosystem, combined with high customer expectations creates a “complex landscape that marketers have to navigate.”

Fortunately, there is a hot new emerging technology that is quickly on the rise: Mobile Marketing Automation.

This Thursday’s webinar, we’re told, will delve into:

● Key components of a mobile marketing automation solution
● How to use technology to build omnichannel experiences for your customers
● Benchmarks for evaluating your mobile success
● Trends to anticipate in 2016

Speakers include Gail Ennis, the CMO of FollowAnalytics. Additionally, Antony Gardez, Head of Product for FollowAnalytics, will also participate.

The webinar’s moderator is the MMA’s Erica Delorenzo.

To register, click here.