Webinar: Uncovering the Secrets of Tablet Advertising

Webinar Uncovering the Secrets of Tablet AdvertisingThe MMA put out a friendly tweet this morning to remind the social media world that it’s not too late to register for a fascinating webinar scheduled for Wednesday.

The webinar, brought to you by Vivaki and the Mobile Marketing Association, will focus on the vast potential of the tablet advertising market.

“The tablet advertising landscape is rife with potential, which is why VivaKi’s Pool team, along with 26 advertisers and publishers, spent 14 months with 20 million consumers (nearly one-third of all tablet users) to find the best ways to advertise on this emerging platform,” the webinar’s preview reads.

In the process, the team studied 130 tablet ad executions and conducted an amount of unprecedented research in the space. This webinar will highlight the tablet findings uncovered during the Pool’s qualitative, quantitative and field trial phrases, identify the ad models that work best on tablets, and cover best practices for creative and media teams.

Key takeaways from the webinar will include researching illustrating:

  • If users engage, tablet ads work even better
  • People enjoy and use interactive options
  • Options create opportunities for advertisers

The moderator for tomorrow’s webinar will be Michael Becker of the Mobile Marketing Association. Speakers will include Helen Katz, SVP and Research Director at Starcom MediaVest Group, and Beth Doyle, VP of Innovations at VivaKi.

To learn more or to register, click here.