Webinar: Thriving in the Post-Digital World

forrester-logoNext week, the folks at Forrester are hosting a must-attend webinar for digital marketers everywhere.

Scheduled for May 19th, the free webinar is titled: “Thriving in the Post-Digital World”

“You’ve known for awhile that your customers have increasing power over your competitive strategy,” Forrester says. “But consider that now empowered customers also believe they deserve something. And the boundary between physical and digital is irrelevant to your customers and even to the internal systems you use for planning and management. This means that most attempts at data-driven digital marketing are too siloed to meet customer needs and differentiate your brand. Welcome to the Post-Digital World.”

A few things you’ll learn from this webinar, according to Forrester:

  • What prevents marketers from keeping pace with customer evolution
  • The fundamentals of post-digital marketing and most important marketing technology trends
  • How you can advance your company past digital into a post-digital reality
  • Approaches to analyzing increasingly complex customer data
  • Best practices for predictive analytics and machine learning in a post-digital world

To learn more or to register for the webinar, click here.