Webinar Takes On Text Message Cross-Channel Marketing in Upcoming MMA Session

Webinar Takes On Text Message Cross-Channel Marketing in Upcoming MMA Session“Busting Through the Silos: Mobile Messaging’s Role in a Cross-channel World,” a Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) webinar, could help marketers understand the critical points of engagement and how to leverage text messaging marketing.

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, February 24 from 1 to 2 p.m. CST.

“The focus of the MMA webinar is to discuss how text messaging marketing must be at the center of any cross-channel marketing strategies,” say the webinar’s organizers. “In today’s ever-changing fast paced world, consumers are adopting new ways to communicate with brands via their mobile phones. However, brands are still missing critical points of engagement leveraging text messaging within their cross-channel communication strategy.”

Experienced veterans of the strategy from Vibes and Waterfall, Bruce Hershey and Matt Silk, will dissect how text messaging enhances the complete customer journey from initial acquisition to retention. Attendees should expect to hear about well-tested tactics and advice they can begin to implement immediately.

Webinar sub-topics include:

  • Establishing a clear definition of cross-channel engagement
  • Defining text messaging marketing and its value to brands and consumers
  • Why text messaging is a critical “silo-busting channel” unlike any other channel today
  • Sharing results from 2014 campaigns with metrics and analysis
  • Defining the challenges brands face today launching their mobile programs
  • Explaining why only 1/3 of brands have mobile messaging strategies in place today and attack those objections head on
  • Explaining how critical data and building a universal customer profile will be for long-term success

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