Webinar: Mobile is Eating the World (How Marketing Can Cope)

Webinar Mobile is Eating the World (How Marketing Can Cope)The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) along with the folks at Swrve are about to present a webinar.

And you’re invited.

According to an announcement shared with MMW, the June 18th webinar will highlight the technology, media and human behavioral changes (consumption, choice, control, access) over the past several years, while also citing specific evidence (e.g. disruptive networks, media, businesses, technologies, political and social changes, etc.) and calling  out the impact and shifts these changes have wrought in the swirl of the emerging ecosystem of brands and people.

In addition to raising important questions and points of debate, the webinar will also “explore specific case studies of brands and marketers leading the way towards a new kind of truly enmeshed marketing where 99% of all brand experiences ultimately come together in the last 12 inches held in the palm of nearly 7 billion people’s hands.”

To learn more or to register for the webinar, click here.