Webinar: Making Mobile Marketing Better Through Data Science

dataWant a helpful tip on how to make mobile marketing better through data science? If you can wait until July 21st, you will get several tips.

MMW learned this week that a new webinar will address the power of data science for effective mobile marketing.

“Today, 80% of internet users worldwide own and use a smartphone in addition to a desktop computer,” the webinar’s registration page reads. “Given that, internet consumption habits of global consumers have transformed in recent years, driven by the optionality of new technology and a proliferation of devices. With each of those devices comes data – vast amounts of it – and deciding what to do with that data has become the million-dollar question for today’s marketers.”

Backed by the MMA and presented by Denise Hotta, Associate Product Manager for DataXu, the July 21st webinar will be jam-packed with helpful insight and key takeaways, including:

  • How can marketers take advantage of existing data to market to people, not devices, in a smarter way?
  • How can marketers broaden their thinking to avoid defining customers by yesterday’s data points?
  • What are the various use cases that a mobile-first advertiser can employ to attract and retain a loyal user base?

To register for the webinar, click here.