Webinar: Accelerating ​Your ​Integrated Marketing Strategy with Mobile and Location Data​

StrategyMark your calendar for this Wednesday.

The folks at PlaceIQ and the Mobile Marketing Association are hosting a new webinar for marketers.

Over the past few years, marketers have seen an explosion of customer data. The problem is that this data often ​reflects the fragmented pieces that make up a customer’s shopping journey. To accelerate your marketing strategy beyond these micro-moments and ignite shopper action, it’s crucial to know which data points are important, and how to strategically combine them.

In this webinar, presented by Anita Gandhi, VP of ​Custom Analytics at PlaceIQ , attendees will learn:​

• ​H​ow the ubiquitous mobile phone​,​ combined with purchase data,​ can connect the dots between consumer moments
• ​How to​ understand the consumer journey through the lens of location

To register, click here.