Webalo Touts New ‘Out-of the-Box’ Infrastructure Platform

Webalo Touts New Out of the Box Infrastructure PlatformWebalo announced to MMW this week that the company is launching Webalo for Citrix Worx, a Citrix Ready Worx Verified mobile app generation platform.

Hailed as an integral part of the IT infrastructure, the platforms lets IT or department-level users create enterprise-to-mobile apps in minutes.

Webalo for Citrix Worx, integrates seamlessly into the Citrix MDX app container technology and XenMobile infrastructure, giving 260,000 Citrix customers and 10,000 Citrix Resellers an infrastructure-level mobile app generation platform that connects directly to existing enterprise applications and data; provides bi-directional, transactional, interactive mobile access for a fraction of the cost of traditional development and retains all of the security and protection that Citrix ensures.

“Webalo gives our customers and resellers a way to create enterprise mobile apps that’s built right into their IT infrastructure,” says Christopher Fleck, Vice President of Mobility Solutions and Alliance at Citrix.

“Webalo offers a level of automation, simplicity, speed, and savings that, when it’s combined with Citrix’s own MDX technology and XenMobile infrastructure, enables the multiple advantages of BYOD,” Fleck adds. “Mobile employees can get the enterprise access they need to do their jobs more productively, get it on whatever Android and Apple smartphones and tablets they use, and IT gets the confidence to enable BYOD, do it virtually on demand, and do it with complete security.”

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