Wearables Now Watching Out for You at Work

SoloProtect, a lone worker safety solution provider, has partnered with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to create and deliver a next generation enterprise-grade wearable solution, the SoloProtect Watch.

We’re told that the offering is aimed at improving lone worker safety.

So how does it work?

The solution fully integrates SoloProtect’s innovative application with the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, providing employers a new way to deliver tangible safety benefits to lone workers who often work outside a traditional office, in the field or in remote or hazardous locations, and may be without close or direct supervision.

This innovative solution highlights the increased awareness among employers on the importance of protecting their workforce and the potential business impacts associated with unmitigated workplace risks. SoloProtect is collaborating with Samsung to provide a solution that is highly reliable, discreet and effective. The solution will be available for demonstration at Mobile World Congress Americas, taking place in San Francisco (September 11-14), in Samsung’s booth (North Hall #N642).

“We’re incredibly excited to introduce our collaboration with Samsung at Mobile World Congress Americas and showcase our industry-leading SoloProtect Watch,” said John Broady, Chief Executive Officer at SoloProtect. “We sought out a partner that could help deliver a high-quality wearable to make working alone safer for men and women in the field. Samsung shares our core values and has a proven track record of pairing its cutting-edge devices with the latest enterprise-ready platforms.”

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