Wearable Tech Popular, Despite Persistent Concerns

Wearable Tech Popular, Despite Persistent ConcernsYear after year new technology is created or embellished to benefit many areas of everyday life. The latest — and hottest — tech trend clearly involves wearable devices.

According to PwC, twenty percent of American adults “already own a wearable device and the adoption rate – on par with tablets in 2012 – is quickly expected to rise.”

That was the assessment published in PwC’s new Consumer Intelligence Series – The Wearable Future report”.

PwC, however, still uncovered several areas of weakness that wearable tech makers will need to address and overcome.

For example, approximately 33% of people PwC surveyed said they no longer use their old wearables, be it smartwatches, fitness bands, or others. Naturally, the price of new items is always a concern, but according to PwC, the other big issue is security. They explain that 82 percent of respondents “were worried that wearable technology would invade their privacy and 86 percent expressed concern that wearables would make them more vulnerable to security breaches.”

Nonetheless, optimism abounds that many of these concerns will be remedied.

“53 percent of Millennials and 54 percent of early adopters say they are excited about the future of wearable tech,” the report summary reads.