WC2010 World Cup Blackberry App Served 19M Mobile Impressions, 265K Downloads

On Tuesday, we covered some basic download stats for both Univision and ESPN’s World Cup mobile apps, and today comes detailed stats from the WC2010 World Cup Blackberry app from Polar Mobile– which includes some rather impressive mobile advertising results.

The app itself was downloaded a total of 265,408 times during the course of the World Cup, and nearly 115,000 of which used it at least once per day on average, representing 43% of users who downloaded the app.  Beyond downloads, usage of the app was equally impressive- with the average user viewing 11 pages in the app each day, totaling 26,020,983 page views during the tournament, 7.72 million cumulative app opens and 98 page views per active user over the 30-day period.

A viral nature also took hold, with 15% of users sharing the app via email and 5% sharing feedback on the app.  The usage stats alone are stellar, and the engagement of the app went well beyond other apps, especially noting that this is an exclusive Blackberry application and not an app on the more popular Android or iOS platforms.

What’s most impressive is the fact that mobile ads served within the WC2010 app saw 19,466,970 impressions during the 30-day tournament, with 73 ad-impressions per active user.  Other mobile advertising stats such as CTR and other ad-performance data wasn’t detailed, but I’d venture to guess they were more than successful for advertisers given the deep engagement the app provided.

Powered by Polar’s SMART Platform, the App featured live scores, news, stats, schedules and standings, as well as an easy-to-use interface, fast load time and support in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish).  “We are proud that WC2010 was one of the fastest growing and most popular Apps for BlackBerry users during the World Cup”, says Kunal Gupta, Chief Executive Officer for Polar Mobile.  “Sports fans demand a killer user experience on their mobile device and we continue to deliver exactly that.”