WaveMaker Aims to Help Enterprises Add Mobile Interfaces to Existing Apps to Save Time and Money

WaveMaker Aims to Help Enterprises Add Mobile Interfaces to Existing Apps to Save Time and MoneyWaveMaker is a leading enterprise Rapid Application Development Platform software company and it has announced a new hybrid mobile app development option.

It’s part of the company’s open standards-based Rapid App Development (RAD) platform.

“With the consumerization of IT, organizations of all sizes now have an acute and growing need to modernize and mobilize their application interfaces,” explains the company. “By bringing RAD to hybrid mobile app development, WaveMaker enables companies to create mobile user interfaces for their existing apps more efficiently, saving time and money by speeding development, leveraging current staff without requiring coding skills, and reusing database schema or data structures.”

The impetus? Users now insist on mobile access to apps. Modernizing the front-ends of existing apps to add mobile capabilities using web technologies is more efficient than investing time and money in building native apps for each of the mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows.

“The worldwide shortage of front-end developers is hampering organizations in their efforts to mobilize applications,” notes the firm. “Gartner forecasts mobile phone sales will reach 2.1 billion units by 2019, which will fuel demand for apps in the enterprise that meet the high performance and usability of consumer apps.”

Fortunately, WaveMaker’s Rapid App Development platform reduces the need for a large pool of deeply skilled front-end developers.

WaveMaker’s RAD platform currently supports responsive front-end development that uses the web or mobile browser. The addition of hybrid mobile app development capabilities means these apps can be installed on smartphones.