Watchwith Announces Integration with Ad-ID

Watchwith Announces Integration with Ad-IDWatchwith, which the company touts as the TV industry’s leading Advanced Television content management solution, recently shared with MMW details of its integration with Ad-ID, the ad-coding system.

Watchwith is used by broadcasters and cable networks to “create and manage mobile, web, social and first screen TV experiences that deliver perfectly timed related content, commerce and advertising to the viewer.”

The integration makes it possible for advertisers to manage and traffic Advanced TV creative assets to Watchwith’s broadcast and cable network customers for widespread distribution.

Zane Vella, Watchwith founder and CEO said, “Making it easy for advertisers to add digital campaigns to their 30 second spots is core to our mission, now Ad-ID makes it even easier for Watchwith’s broadcast and cable customers to traffic those digital campaigns.”

To check out the full announcement from Ad-ID, click here.