Warner Brothers Prepares Flurry of New Apps

Warner Brothers Digital Entertainment is planning to flood the mobile realm with dozens of new apps (at least forty in all) by the end of this year.

Hoping to increase its presence in the digital sphere with an assortment of apps that will promote individualized projects and promotions, Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers has released more than a dozen iPhone apps so far, all pushing films like The Dark Knight, Watchmen and the new Terminator flick.

But apart from standard movie-trailor themed apps, Warner Brothers has bigger plans for their forthcoming anticipated blockbusters like Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes.

In short, Warner Bros. is reportedly entertaining everything from animated episodic video apps to other original content offerings based on winning brands. Variety also touched on Warner Brothers’ possible interest in developing mobile games centered around newly released films.

The director of worldwide marketing for Warner Bros., Stephanie Bohn, struck a cooperative tone regarding the studio’s relationship with Apple. “It’s difficult for developers to have a direct call into Apple,” she said. “We spend time talking with them weekly, if not daily.”

“It doesn’t cost a lot to launch an app,” Bohn added. “Relative to a TV show or a film, it’s nothing.”