Warner Bros. Expands Mobile Gaming Business

On Friday, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the formation of WB Games San Francisco – a new, digital video game studio in San Francisco, California.

According to details made public today, the studio will open later this year and specialize in developing and publishing high-quality, free-to-play, mobile, social and browser-based games.

“We are extremely pleased to add WB Games San Francisco to our global portfolio of studios and publishing capabilities,” says Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Given the widespread popularity and profitability of mobile games, the move comes as no surprise for the entertainment giant.

“As our company has grown over the years,” Tremblay adds, “it has been a high priority to attract and cultivate creativity and innovation in top markets for game development around the world.”

Greg Ballard, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Digital Games, will reportedly lead the studio.

WB Games San Francisco will also oversee publishing of all other mobile games developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.