Warner Bros. Debuts Movie Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Aware of the increasingly lucrative opportunities inherent in digital media consumption over mobile devices, Warner Bros. is rolling the first “app editions” of two prominent and relatively recent films: The Dark Knight and Inception.

“App Editions provide a fully-loaded, connected viewing experience that gives consumers the first five minutes of a feature film and a portion of bonus content that can include games, trivia, soundtracks and soundboards,” the iconic film studio boasts.

“The entire feature film can be unlocked via an in-app purchase, which enables downloading and unlimited streaming, as well as access to the entire array of bonus content available within the App.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the app versions of these particular feature flicks are free to download for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  Users can then gain access to the full-length feature within the app for the going iTunes rate of $9.99 for Dark Knight and $11.99 for Inception in the US.

It’s worth pointing out that the new movie apps from Warner Bros. represent the first time movies have been made available for Apple’s iDevice line beyond the controlling perimeters of iTunes.

The new initiative by Warner is significant because it allows the studio to offer movies in a number of markets without waiting for Apple to launch a full digital movie store. Of the 35 countries where it will be available, 23 don’t have iTunes movie downloads, including such fast-growing theatrical markets as China and Russia, along with a number of European countries including Greece, Hungary, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

“We think this is an innovative way to build a global footprint on devices that are optimized for video viewing,” Thomas Gewecke, president of digital distribution for Warner Bros. tells the LA Times.