Walmart Reportedly Prepping iPhone App for Self Checkout

Retail giant WalMart has reportedly begun field testing a new payment system that would let shoppers scan items in their shopping cart using only their iPhones and then pay at a self-checkout counter.

According to a report from Reuters, this effort could massively reduce checkout times and eliminate associated costs for the company.

If the “Scan & Go” test by the world’s largest retailer is successful, it has the potential to change the way people shop and pay, making the process more personal and potentially faster.

The report notes that Walmart invited employees with iPhones to participate in a “test” at a Walmart supercenter in Rogers, Arkansas.

As of this writing, additional details aren’t known.

“All of the effort is to speed your way through the checkout so that we can reduce costs and improve the shopping experience,” said Paul Weitzel, managing partner at retail consulting firm Willard Bishop. “With smartphones and improved technology we’re only going to see more of this.”

So, we have to ask: would you be interested in scanning your own items if it means reduced costs and quicker check-out times? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.