Walmart Introduces ‘Gadgets to Gift Cards’

Walmart Introduces 'Gadgets to Gift Cards'Have an old gadget? Need a new one? If so, Walmart may be able to address this problem.

Walmart has just raised the curtain on its own trade-in program of sorts.

With industry analysts expecting Apple to drop the new iPhone in less than a month, Walmart’s “Gadgets to Gift Cards” promotion enables customers to trade in their old devices in return for gift card credit at the store.

And it’s not just for smartphones either. Walmart will accept video games, MP3 players, computers, camera, and other electronics too.

Although it’s not clear how much you will receive in return for your unwanted electronics, something is better than nothing according to Walmart,

While you may not get the top dollar for your old gear, you will be able to get a Walmart card in seconds and then use it to buy whatever you want from the retail giant. Simply select the device you want to trade-in, enter its condition and “push the button.” Before you know it, you’ll get a Walmart card code that can be used either online at or at any Walmart store across the country.

“In order to make this happen,” explains Dusan Belic of IntoMobile, “you’ll have to pass a credit check first. Then you’ll have 10 days to send your device to Walmart and you’ll even get a free shipping label to do so. Make sure you don’t miss a deadline cause being late will cost you money (and credit points).”

To learn more about Walmart’s new trade-in program, click here.