Wall Street Journal Boasts 200,000 Tablet Subscribers

The Wall Street Journal has successfully found a new home for its content within the growing tablet marketplace.

“The Wall Street Journal has added 200,000 paying subscribers who access the newspaper via mobile devices such as Apple Inc.’s iPad and Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle,” the WSJ reported Friday, noting that 150,000 of the new subscribers were added over the last 12 months alone.

The WSJ’s mobile products in total have expanded at a rapid pace during the past year, despite no shortage of competition from both free and premium providers of news and financial content.

According to Les Hinton, chief of the WSJ’s newspaper’s publisher, Dow Jones, the migration to mobile was “inevitable,” The real issue, Hinton says, “is balancing out the migration.”

“The actual proliferation of these devices is so rapid. What surprised us is that other periodicals than ours also seem to be getting good traction,” Hinton adds.

WSJ subscribers currently pay $3.99 per week to access the venerable publication on their tablet.