VRJournal: VR Emerges as a Game Changer at COMPUTEX 2017

COMPUTEX 2017, a leading global ICT show, hosted recently what it calls a “significant gaming and virtual reality (VR) exhibitions and competitions.”

According to a comprehensive report from VRJournal, these demonstrations included the world’s first VR calligraphy and streaming VR gaming exhibits, COMPUTEX’s first eSports and PC modding competitions, the G.SKILL OC World Cup overclocking competition, and HWBOT World Tour overclocking events.

“These activities were part of COMPUTEX’s Gaming and Virtual Reality exhibit, a featured exhibit this year for the first time at COMPUTEX,” event organizers tell us.

As for the standouts from the show, that much is clear. From a provided statement:

The world’s first virtual reality calligraphy exhibit and a related VR painting exhibit were created in partnership with Taiwan’s National Palace Museum. The virtual reality calligraphy exhibit, “The Spirit of Autobiography – National Palace Museum Calligraphy,” transported participants into a fantasy world of Chinese calligraphy based on “Autobiography,” a world-famous running script produced by Tang Dynasty monk Huaisu in the year 777 A.D. A related exhibit, “Roaming Through Fantasy Land – National Palace Museum Painting,” immersed viewers in a walk and boat ride in a Chinese village and landscape painting, “Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains,” created in 1295 A.D. by early Yuan Dynasty painter Zhao Mengfu.

The world’s first VR eSports exhibition, hosted by hardware manufacturer, ZOTAC, as part of its ZOTAC CUP MASTERS eSports tournament at COMPUTEX, featured two teams wearing ZOTAC VR GO backpacks with HTC Vive headsets competing in the VR first person shooter, “Smashbox Arena.” Two American rivals, Chad Lawson and Robert Blanford, who are among the top three “Smashbox Arena” players, had competed almost daily in “Smashbox Arena” for six months and met in-person for the first time at COMPUTEX. Friends and families gathered during the early morning hours to watch the streaming competition live on the ZOTAC CUP Twitch channel back home. Chad’s team won this time at COMPUTEX, but there will be many rematches ahead.

Robert and Chad highlighted the benefits of the new horizon in gaming, virtual reality gaming, which includes full-body movement, exercise that led to weight loss for both men, improved coordination and response time to stimuli, and mental stimulation. Both men agreed VR gaming is the future because of its immersive quality and ability to move the full body while playing the game.

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