VP Pick Shows Growing Power of Mobile Marketing

There was no shortage of major headlines Saturday, as Senator Barack Obama announced his selection of Senator Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate. For die-hard mobile marketers, however, the real excitement came from how the announcement was initially made – via text message to more cell phones than anyone can imagine.

As we all know by now, those who gave the Obama camp their cellphone number received a text message when the presumptive Democratic nominee for president finally announced Biden as his running mate. Whether you’re an Obama or McCain fan is irrelevant. Nonetheless, this move by the Obama campaign has far reaching implications in the mobile marketing business.

As one observer pithily put it: there is no better indication that text messaging is a marketing medium with serious potential. We’ve already observed how mobile marketing is advantageous to small and big business (affordable, easy, effective, etc.) But as time has progressed, it is becoming equally apparent how mobile marketing will soon wholly break free of its pigeonholed status and demonstrate its vast power beyond the business community.

According to Jason Spero, vice president of marketing for the mobile ad network AdMob, mobile marketers “should learn from the lessons of the mobile marketing breakthroughs in American politics by keeping their messages succinct and simple and include a specific call to action.”