Vook Lets eBook Authors Go Mobile with Their Marketing

Vook Lets eBook Authors Go Mobile with Their MarketingWith sales of eBooks outnumbering those of traditional print books, it comes as little surprise that authors and publishers of all sizes and statures are turning to mobile to amplify their marketing reach and effectiveness.

For that reason, leading ebook technology company Vook has just launched Author Control, a daily market intelligence dashboard that allows authors to track the sales and unit downloads of their books almost everywhere they are sold – Amazon, Amazon KDP, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Nook Press, Kobo Writing Life, etc.

“Author Control is the next step in our vision to empower authors with the best digital publishing services and the right data,” said Matthew Cavnar, co-founder of Vook. “For the first time, authors can get the complete picture of their sales across the major retail channels in one dashboard, helping them take control of their publishing initiatives.”

Miguel Morales of Forbes.com says that Vook’s sales tracking dashboard helps demystify the ebook sales process.

“The insights we’ve gleaned from Vook continue to impact how we conceive, launch and market our ebooks,” he explains. “By giving the dashboard to all its authors, Vook is further democratizing the publishing cycle and giving authors more control over their work.”

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