Voltari Unveils Premium Mobile Marketing Channel

Voltari Unveils Premium Mobile Marketing ChannelOn Thursday, MMW was privy to an update from Voltari Corporation, a veteran provider of mobile media solutions, about what’s next for the well-respected company.

The latest news with Voltari is their formation of Emporia, which is hailed as being the “first independent and transparent mobile channel for the purchase and sale of premium publisher inventory by a select group of advertisers.”

We’re told that Emporia participants will also include industry-leading specialized data providers and the premiere hosts of rich media and video ad units.

Emporia was developed in response to the largely ineffective and costly ecosystem of service and technology providers that substantially reduce publishers’ share of the advertising spend while limiting the value that agencies provide to advertisers. Emporia will make use of Voltari’s proprietary technology, which determines each user’s real-time engagement propensity across industry verticals.

“Emporia will be an environment in which all the participants emerge as winners,” says Voltari Acting CEO Richard Sadowsky in a provided statement. “Users will receive high-impact and engaging ad units at the right time, publishers will receive the lion’s share of the CPM, and advertisers will know that their ads are being associated with premium content and delivered to users in a way that takes advantage of the unique intimacy of mobile. We will be rolling out industry verticals in partnership with marquee specialty data providers and will be announcing our first data provider partnership in the next few weeks.”