Voice Powered Travel Search Made Possible by Nuance, Expedia Partnership

On Tuesday, Nuance and Expedia announced a new set of mobile features that will give travel and mobile device junkies something to rejoice about. That is, Nuance’s hugely popular Dragon Go! app for iOS and Android now lets people speak commands and quickly find and book flights, hotels, and more with direct access to Expedia.

Dragon Go!’s revamped travel search capability gives iPhone and Android device owners the ability to find and book the best travel deals available just by using their voice.

“Old school mobile search is fading. The majority of consumers don’t like blue links, scrolling, or pecking. Consumers want personal mobile assistant capabilities with unfiltered access to content and knowledge,” says Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “With direct access to services like Expedia, consumers can do just about anything from anywhere – even book a last minute trip with just a few spoken words.”

Dragon Go! lets consumers say virtually anything and immediately jump to relevant destinations – and with the addition of Expedia, people can find and book accommodations for their favorite destinations.

Among the command examples given by Nuance are:

  • “Available flights from Boston to San Francisco in March,” to instantly see flight schedules and pricing, and the opportunity to buy tickets directly from Expedia.
  • “Find 4-star hotels near me,” when traveling and need to book a room at a hotel closest to your current location on Expedia, and swipe over to the Yelp tab for additional feedback.
  • “What are the best resorts in Cancun?” to see reviews and ratings of the top resorts on Expedia, and see what others have to say with just a quick flick on over to the Twitter tab.

“Our consumers already love that they can find and book a flight, hotel room and more on Expedia from just about anywhere with their iPhone or Android device. And with the addition of Expedia to Dragon Go!, even more mobile consumers will have direct voice access to the best travel deals around,” adds Jeff Warren, vice president, product management, Expedia Worldwide.

The new and improved Dragon Go! app is now available for free in the Apple App Store and in the Android Market in the U.S.