Voice Mail to Text from Nuance Coming to U.S. Cellular

Say what? That’s a question you may never have to ask again, if you’re a U.S. Cellular subscriber.

The carrier, along with Nuance Communications Inc., today announced the availability of U.S. Cellular’s new Voice Mail to Text service, which is being powered by Nuance’s Dragon Voicemail-to-Text platform.

In a nutshell, U.S. Cellular’s Voice Mail to Text lets subscribers read their voice messages via text message or email on their mobile phone.

Voice Mail to Text lets users discreetly check their voice mail without the tedious retrieval steps, or having to listen to – and skip – multiple unimportant messages. People can easily respond to voice mail via text or email when calling back isn’t an option. Further, Voice Mail to Text makes searching voice mails incredibly easy. If necessary, Voice Mail to Text also offers the ability to listen to the original audio.

“Our customers are busy and always on the go, and want to stay connected to their friends and family,” says Jennifer Micek, senior director of the product group for U.S. Cellular. “With our new Voice Mail to Text service, our customers can get more done quickly and get back to what’s most important to them.”

“In today’s competitive mobile market, carriers need to offer their subscribers innovative services that deliver tangible, everyday value,” adds John Pollard, general manager and vice president, voice to text services, Nuance Mobile. “Dragon Voicemail-to-Text is known for quickly and conveniently making people more responsive, and simply eliminating the need to ever retrieve voice mail. And because it’s powered by Dragon – you always get the message.”

According to program details announced today, U.S. Cellular’s Voice Mail to Text is currently available and free to subscribers as a 30-day trial.

The service is $2.99 per month after the 30-day free trial.

To learn more about the freshly unveiled offering, click here.