Vodafone and CorFire Partner to Deliver Mobile Wallet Services

On Monday, CorFire announced its plan to begin providing mobile wallet capabilities to Vodafone Group. All told, it’s a move that will enabling Vodafone’s customers to use their smartphones to conduct a number of transactions.

The ability to pay for things at the point of sale should commence during 2013 for Vodafone customers.

“We are committed to partnering with the best suppliers to offer customers the speed, simplicity and convenience of managing everyday transactions with a single wave or tap of their smartphones,” says Christian Wirtz, Vodafone Group’s mCommerce Director.

In a nutshell, CorPay works in both NFC and non-NFC environments. As a result, it can leverage the Secure Element if present to encrypt and store personal account information.

CorFire’s leading mobile wallet solution, CorPay, helps Vodafone further its goal of eliminating the need for physical wallets by delivering customers with comprehensive digital mobile wallet solutions.

“Vodafone’s customer base spans across more than 30 countries, which means our partnership may become one of the biggest, global implementations of NFC and mobile commerce,” says Dr. Jae Chung, CorFire’s president and CEO. “We applaud Vodafone’s efforts to make mobile commerce a reality in markets which are increasingly relying on smartphones to conduct regular daily activities. As a result of this collaboration, we will bring tangible benefits to consumers and pave the way for financial institutions, transit authorities, merchants, and enterprises to leverage the mobile channel to expand their customer reach.”