Vivoom Introduces First Participatory Mobile Marketing Platform

Vivoom Introduces First Participatory Mobile Marketing PlatformOn Monday, the team at Vivoom unveiled the Vivoom Participatory Mobile Marketing Platform, a mobile marketing breakthrough that “lets brands and agencies easily add consumer participation to every campaign at scale, at a fraction of the campaign’s cost, and that is generating the highest response rates on mobile.”

According to details provided by the company, until this latest release, the platform had been in stealth mode running pilots across various categories.

But now the platform is proven and ready for prime time.
“This is the mobile brand marketing solution that consumer brands have been waiting for,” says Mark Addicks, former CMO of General Mills. “Vivoom gives brands an easy, repeatable way to add audience participation to any campaign. Vivoom allows target consumers to co-create and share content with their networks right from their mobile device, in a way that allows the brand voice and positioning to come through.”

The Vivoom Platform changes the game for mobile marketing by automating the mobile video co-creation process for brands and consumers. Through it’s patented CoCreate Technology™, Vivoom transforms ordinary video shot by users with their smartphones into branded, co-created video spots that they share with friends over mobile, to help brands expand their mobile footprint and campaign ROI.

In short, the company says Vivoom combines co-creation, real-time delivery, and mobile video into an a consumer-centric experience that “inspires users to participate in campaigns by co-creating and sharing with friends – exposing brands to new customers who engage at the highest conversions rates on mobile.”