Visa Goes Mobile with Local, Real Time Mobile Deals and Discounts at the Gap

Credit card giant Visa announced Thursday that it’s working with prominent retailer Gap to roll out a new mobile discount experience to shoppers.

Based on the specifics announced of the partnership, Visa will push real-time discounts and promotions to consumers via SMS text messages.

Gap customers who opt-in to participate in the service are notified of money-saving discounts or promotions in real-time while shopping.

Visa’s global processing network, the company says, connects millions of merchants and thousands of financial institutions around the world. Consequently, Visa now has the ability to enable the technology behind this new mobile service.

The offering is part of Visa’s larger strategy to personalize the consumer shopping experience, and deliver more value to merchants and financial institutions to help them tailor their consumer marketing programs, driving business growth and efficiencies.

“Visa’s ability to process and analyze transactions in real-time provides the capability for retailers to reach potential customers while they’re out shopping and allows financial institutions to reward Visa account holders with value-added services tailored to them,” said Jim McCarthy, Global Head of Products, Visa Inc. “We have reached the point when the power of Visa’s global network goes well beyond processing purchases to delivering critical information that benefits consumers, merchants, and financial institutions.”