VirtualSKY Announces Real-Time Virtual Reality

real timeOn Friday, the team at VirtualSKY announced its latest offering to the world of virtual reality. The leading VR mobile ad network is launching what it calls “real-time virtual reality.”

The game-changing new service eliminates all previous sensory barriers to experiencing virtual reality to the fullest extent possible. Best of all, consumers can begin trying out this revolutionary VR sensory experience immediately — or at least as quickly as local traffic conditions allow.

So how does it work? For consumers who like a particular product they see in virtual reality, a driver will immediately deliver that product directly to their home, placing it into the consumer’s hands for the ultimate in sensory overload.

Similarly, what if you really like a particular place you’re visiting in VR? In that situation, a car will speed to your residence, pick you up in the very chair you’re sitting in, and drive to the same physical place where your imagination already dwells, fulfilling your other three senses.

We reached out to a number of leading VR industry analysts for their reaction to VirtualSKY’s new real-time virtual reality experience. So far, none have been available for comment as they were all last seen donning their favorite VR headsets and being carted off into the back of an unmarked black sedan.

VirtualSKY says anyone wanting more details on how to take real-time virtual reality for a spin can do so now by clicking here.





Disclaimer: The above article is a work of parody in honor of April Fool’s Day. Hope you made it a good one!