Virtual Reality: Red Hot But How Do Consumers Feel?

ARtillry, a publication and intelligence firm for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), is out with a new report which uncovers consumer VR usage and sentiment.

Working closely with Thrive Analytics’ Virtual Reality Monitor, ARtillry authored survey questions as well as today’s narrative report.

Highlights include content’s place as the most desired area of improvement (volume and quality) among VR owners. VR headset owners also showed high satisfaction compared to other categories of consumer tech products. However many non-owners (38%) reported disinterest in VR ownership; and the top reason (53%) was “just not interested.”

“Together, these figures validate that VR’s immersive experience presents a double-edged sword: It produces highly visceral and satisfactory user responses… but you have to see it to believe it,” said ARtillry Chief Analyst Mike Boland. “This creates a challenge to scale distribution, given inherent adoption barriers like price and technological invasiveness. Education, retail installations, VR arcades and mobile VR will be the ‘gateway drugs’ to reduce that friction and cultivate tomorrow’s VR owners.”

To learn more about ARtillry and its report, click here.