Virtual Reality Becoming a New Sports Marketing Tool

Virtual Reality Becoming a New Sports Marketing ToolAccording to a fascinating new report from VRJournal, the Sacramento Kings have announced a strategic investment in VOKE, a virtual-reality innovator and immersive real-time and on-demand media company.

“To demonstrate VOKE’s innovative platform, the Kings will livestream its 2015 home opener… directly to select fans who do not have the opportunity to enjoy NBA basketball in-person,” the basketball franchise announced on its website this week.

In partnership with NBA India, the Kings will be able to share the Opening Night experience with viewers over 8,000 miles away – in real-time.

“Around the world, there are fans who may never have the chance to be a part of the spectacle of NBA basketball,” Kings Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadivé is quoted in the report. “By partnering with VOKE, we can share the in-arena excitement in an unprecedented way. Through technology, we’ll connect with emerging fans, find new ones, and provide a truly unique experience.”