Viral Videos Going Mobile

metacafe-logo.jpgFor bored-out-of-their-mind worker-bees with restricted internet access (like me), help has arrived.

Metacafe, one of the web’s largest video entertainment sites, has partnered with three mobile entertainment companies to deliver short videos to mobile consumers wanting entertainment on the go.

As it stands, Metacafe’s current mobile content development and distribution partners include: Dyuna, Buongiorno, and Mobile Streams.

According to their official website, Dyuna establishes a mobile entertainment network that consists of content providers and mobile operators. This network offers opportunities for mobile users to access a global digital content catalog, which, of course, is offered with “content relevant advertising.”

Buongiorno, on the other hand, is an independent mobile media and technology company focused on expanding the cell phone entertainment and personalization industry. Buongiorno recently acquired iTouch, becoming a big kahuna in the global market for mobile entertainment. To date, Buongiorno has partnered with more than one hundred cellular carriers around the world.

Mobile Streams fits into the picture as a globally recognized provider of both mature and family-friendly entertainment content to mobile phones. Mobile Streams is regarded a leader in the field of made-for-mobile content development. Before Metacafe, the company’s mobile expertise was utilized by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“The short videos featured on Metacafe are well-suited to mobile distribution – perfect for enjoying a quick entertainment break, regardless of time or place,” reports Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe. “Our sophisticated approach to programming, which automatically showcases the videos our large and global audience finds most entertaining, ensures a good user experience in the mobile environment, where searching for a video is not practical. By teaming with some of the world’s leading content aggregators, we are establishing early leadership in mobile entertainment, a sector we expect to grow in the coming months and years.”

In other words, there’s an awful lot of brilliant marketing strategy, astute business partnerships, and groundbreaking mobile technology advancements behind the service that lets us watch stupid videos around the office coffee pot.