Video Messaging App Leaves Everyone 'Dumbstruck' at SXSW

Video Messaging App Leaves Everyone 'Dumbstruck' at SXSWMMW was briefed over the weekend by the team at Dumbstruck, a social video app for iPhone that lets users share mystery video messaging and capture their recipient’s reaction.

On Friday, the outfit launched a first-ever Startup Challenge for younger companies that are at the Austin-based convention looking for funding.

Dumbstruck’s CEO, Peter Allegretti, sees the effort as a way to pay-it-forward to younger startups that have come to SXSW looking to build their startup dream.

Dumbstruck is the brainchild of Peter and his CTO, Mike Tanski, who conceptualized, funded, built and launched the App in three months – from November of last year. Since then, Dumbstruck has been featured on NYC’s Z100, Techcrunch, USA Today and a number of national and regional newspapers and blogs.

So, what’s the challenge all about? Here’s what we’re told:

The Challenge is partnered with giveaways and prizes from Dumbstruck’s partners including Angel Hack, Gary Vaynerchuk, Momentum, #besomebody, Gunnar Optiks, Buzzstarter and several others that will be announced when the Challenge begins.

Entrants have been piling into the contest since Friday and a winner will be announced by Dumbstruck later today.

To learn more about Dumbstruck and the challenge underway, check out their official website here.