Video Marketing at its Finest: This BBDO Pedigree Brand Campaign is Doggone Good

No Bones About It, This BBDO Pedigree Brand Campaign is Doggone GoodDo dogs make the world a better place?

That’s the contention of a new global campaign created by BBDO for Pedigree brand dog food.

Called “Feel the Good,” the heavily digital video-weighted campaign shows distressed, depressed, and down-on-their-luck people getting a “new leash on life” through the love of a dog. Canines, goes the theory, bring out the good in all of us.

The campaign will also feature “Feel the Good” themes in print, television, and online advertisements. Integrated marketing efforts will include in-store displays, social media outreach, consumer promotions, and public relations efforts.

“Studies attest how the companionship of animals transforms and improves people’s lives,” said Leonid Sudakov, CMO of Global Petcare at Mars, Inc., the company that makes Pedigree brand products. “By nourishing the loveable innocence in every dog, Pedigree helps feed the good they bring to the world.”

Sudakov is correct. Recent studies of demographic groups from prison populations to the elderly in nursing homes suggest dogs (and warm-blooded animals in general) can positively alter health and well-being outcomes.

“Pedigree will roll out ‘Feed the Good’ creative, as well as other integrated marketing elements beginning in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and the U.S., with additional markets slated for later in the year and 2016,” according to Mars Petcare, which owns the Pedigree brand. “The global insight will fuel all of the ‘Feed the Good’ executions, but the creative content is contextually relevant for the markets where it will be featured.”

Admittedly, BBDO’s Chicago office (Energy BBDO) took a lot of flack for its recent Bud Light “removing no” tagline, which roused women and the men who love them into a frenzy of outrage at the veiled implications of mixing alcohol with questions of yes and no.

But this new effort is bound to get rave reviews. Even the hard-hearted will fight back a tear watching this “Feel the Good” video.

It’s doggone good.