Video-in-Email Capabilities Hot for Holiday Marketing

Video-in-Email Capabilities Hot for Holiday MarketingThe use of video in email has become one of the hottest marketing tactics of this holiday season.

On Thursday, StreamSend – and email marketing service provider, said its been helping email marketers increase click-through rates, conversions, dollars generated and average order value with video-in-email capabilities.

“Today’s competitive digital world makes it difficult to get the consumer’s attention, especially during the holiday season,” says Dan Forootan, President of StreamSend. “Nothing connects people to a message as quickly as video.”

The company cites a recent Relevancy Group whitepaper to support their theories. The published data shows that adding video to email can boost revenues by forty percent.

According to another study by Gartner Research, video email marketing offers a return 280% higher than traditional direct mail.

“Early adopters of video email marketing will gain market share,” StreamSend says. “Eighteen-to-thirty-year-olds are spending 74% more time watching YouTube on their smartphones than they did last year. Yet only 25% of email marketers are using video in email to increase engagement and improve marketing results.”