VIDEO: ‘Generation D’ is All About Mobile

VIDEO 'Generation D' is All About MobileThose categorized in Generation D – the “device generation” – are understandably “addicted” to mobile.

In Canada, where there are now close to 30 million wireless subscribers, that addiction is greater than ever, as illustrated by a recent report from Rogers. Close to 50% of survey respondents expressed their view that mobile communication will soon take the place of “most physical interactions.”

The survey showed that 28% of people would be willing to skip their morning coffee in exchange to have internet whenever and wherever they want. Nearly 50% believe virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions in the next five years, and almost 50% expect to communicate exclusively through text, social media and email in the next five years.

“In other words,” Canada’s MobileSyrup reports, “in-person with friends and business associates will be an anachronism.”

To learn more, check out the video shared below.