Video Engagement for Wearable Platforms on the Rise

Video Engagement for Wearable Platforms on the RiseGet ready for a major spike in video engagement for wearable platforms.

The latest example of this anticipated boom is VidyoWorks on smart glasses, an innovative solution that enables hands free video communication and collaboration for augmented reality and see-what-I-see applications.

The team behind VidyoWorks says the offering delivers the only scalable video coding (SVC) platform for outstanding error resiliency and the ability to combine workflow integration, reliable performance and scalability to deliver an affordable, wearable visual engagement solution.

“Vuzix is the first smart glasses maker to feature VidyoWorks on smart glasses on its enterprise-grade Vuzix M100 smart glasses,” a provided statement reads.

The VidyoWorks mobile client APIs are available today for smart glasses application developers that want to embed real-time video, audio and content communication and collaboration into their applications. According to ABI Research, the enterprise wearables market is exploding and expected to reach $18 billion by 2019.

“VidyoWorks opens up a whole new market for developers to create applications for hands free see-what-I-see applications on smart glasses across industries including healthcare, field service, retail, energy, and government,” said Eran Westman, CEO of Vidyo. “There is a tremendous market opportunity for these applications with augmented reality and VidyoWorks delivers reliability and scale over wireless networks, making it a market leading solution for mobile applications.”