VIDEO: Demo Of Impressive Nissan LEAF iAd

Apple’s long-awaited iAd launches today, and one of the first iAds ever created is also launching today- one for Nissan’s new fully-electric LEAF vehicle.  The ad takes advantage of nearly everything iAds and the iPhone has to offer, creating a truly impressive advertisement that lives directly inside the app.

Briefly demoed by Steve Jobs during the initial announcement of iAds, Nissan has released a video that details all its new iAd has to offer, as well as the impressive new LEAF itself, which is 100% electric and 100% in demand as the world’s first mass-production, zero-emission car.  iAds will help Nissan continue to reach the early adopters and target customers who have already placed more than 15,000 reservations for the Nissan LEAF, which will be available beginning in December with full mass-market availability by 2012.

We’ve embedded the full video below in all its glory, enjoy!