Video Creation Platform Wibbitz Releases New Research Report

Wibbitz, a leading AI-powered video creation platform, today released Building the Ultimate Toolbox for Visual Storytelling, a report based on responses, collected in November 2017, from 1,478 professionals across verticals such as telecommunications, entertainment, marketing, pharma, and education whose jobs involve the creation of visual content.

The report looks at which types of visual content creation tools are most popular, in what ways those tools support business goals, and how visual content supports business success overall, in order to help storytellers understand how to equip themselves in the pursuit of a successful content strategy.

The study’s overall findings revealed that visual content makes a noticeable impact on every major business goal, influencing website traffic (85 percent), brand awareness (84 percent), social media engagement (81 percent), and lead generation and sales (71 percent). Additionally, of survey respondents, 80 percent leverage automation tools for visual content creation, which directly correlates to their ability to create the five key formats of visual content (photos, video, infographics, illustrations, and animations) at a significantly more regular cadence than those who do not use automation.

Looking ahead, as demand for visual content increases in 2018 and beyond, the study found that more than three quarters (77 percent) of respondents plan to expand their visual content creation efforts inclusive of their budgets, human capital, visual content creation tools, and types of visual content.

“It’s undeniable that the need for visual content and tools to support its creation will continue to grow exponentially in the years ahead, yet there are so many ways to execute visual content creation that it’s easy for companies to get lost. Regardless of industry, company size, or amount of visual content already being produced, companies will need to continue adapting their visual technology toolboxes in order to satisfy audiences on every new platform and device,” said Zohar Dayan, Co-founder and CEO of Wibbitz. “Whether companies are hiring fresh talent, introducing innovative tech tools, trying out new content types, or just expanding their investment in visual content overall, the shift towards a multiplatform, visual-first business strategy is well on its way. We’re excited for 2018 and beyond as we deliver solutions to make production easier and distribution more effective to improve our clients’ bottom lines.”

Want to know more? Check out the full report here.