Video Advertising Metrics Now Included in Integral Ad Science Media Quality Report

Video Advertising Metrics Now Included in Integral Ad Science Media Quality ReportIntegral Ad Science, a global provider of actionable data for buyers and sellers of digital media, just released its Q3 2014 Media Quality Report.

Documenting baseline benchmarks for the industry, the company used two inventory sources –Publishers and the combination of Networks and Exchanges — to create the report. It provides updates regarding four important metrics — TRue Advertising Quality (TRAQ) Score, brand risk, viewability, and ad fraud.

And, there’s a very timely bonus: it’s the first time that the report includes video metrics, including VPAID (Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition) viewability and engagement metrics for video advertisements.

“The exponential growth of video advertising over the last year prompted Integral to include general video benchmarks,” a provided statement to MMW reads. “When compared to display inventory, overall media quality for video as measured through the TRAQ score was lower. The TRAQ Score for video was 561 compared to display scores of 675 for Publishers and 540 for Networks & Exchanges. TRAQ is an aggregate score based on attributes such as ad fraud, viewability, ad clutter, brand safety and professionalism, providing a holistic snapshot of media quality.”

What about fraud? The report noted that fraud in video was higher than display (15 percent versus 3 percent for publishers) and 13.7 percent for Networks & Exchanges.

Video viewability, naturally affected by fraud, averaged 30 percent, lower than the 53.4 percent viewability for Publishers and 36.7 percent for Networks & Exchanges in display.

“Our technology and scale grants us high visibility into industry performance,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science. “We’re excited to include video in our latest Media Quality Report and will continue to provide quality benchmarks for use across the industry.”