Vibes Takes a Fresh Look at SMS Short Code and Traffic Management

Vibes Takes a Fresh Look at SMS Short Code and Traffic ManagementMoments ago at the 2014 Mobile Marketing Association Forum in New York, Vibes – a thriving provider of mobile marketing technologies – announced a new division called Vibes Connect.

MMW was briefed on the new division by a representative from Vibes who tells us that the effort is designed to address the increase in demand for its SMS short code and traffic management services.

We’re told that SMS veteran and expert John Glennon has joined Vibes as vice president to spearhead the division.

“Too often, ‘quality’ and ‘aggregator’ are mutually exclusive terms, which has left the industry with a tainted reputation of poor service,” says Jack Philbin, the CEO of Vibes. “By bringing together a team of experts with our scalable and reliable technology, Vibes is at the forefront of SMS aggregation solutions. Additionally, the innovation in our API suite is enabling easier scale in this proven channel.”

According to details shared with MMW, Vibes Connect offers an SMS API hub that supports the specific technologies used by clients, with technical support from a team that stays directly in touch and is available around the clock.

“Vibes Connect provides hands-on management of short code approvals with a dedicated team, leading to an average approval time for new short codes and SMS campaign set up that is 30 to 40 percent better than the industry average,” the company says.

To learn more about Vibes Connect, click here.