Vibes ‘Pushes’ Messaging Beyond the App

Vibes, a leading mobile engagement platform for enterprises, has just unveiled Vibes Push — an updated push notification solution that helps marketers easily reach consumers across more channels, at the right moment.

MMW is told that the re-architected messaging product is easier to integrate, deploy and scale for faster implementation and better return on investment (ROI).

In short, Vibes Push elevates push notifications beyond a single notification experience by delivering mobile moments whenever and wherever to complete a unified conversation that bridges in store and digital experiences.

Through integration with the Vibes Identity Management product, Vibes Push can detect if the consumer is using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and then customize notifications based on that experience. This cross-channel personalization and identification, paired with enhanced tracking capabilities, allows marketers to attribute channel activity and better gauge push campaign success.

“Vibes has more than two decades of experience helping brands engage their customers through mobile channels. We’re passionate about creating experiences that drive measurable results,” said Ken Kunz, vice president of technology at Vibes. “Vibes Push is designed for a new era of mobile consumers who have heightened expectations of the content they receive. We’ve crafted a solution that provides a holistic view of the customer across mobile channels, while providing the security, scalability and performance demanded by today’s leading brands.”

To learn more, check out Vibes here.