Vets Barking Up The Right Tree with Mobile Payments

Vets Barking Up The Right Tree with Mobile PaymentsIt looks like mobile payments have gone to the dogs.

If you take a good look around your community, there’s an increasingly high probability that you’ll find a mobile veterinary clinic traveling through town providing low cost care to animals.

Even the legendary Neuter Scooter – which spays and neuters cats and dogs from mobile locations around the country – is beginning to cross paths with other mobile veterinary clinics and vaccination services.

Why? It’s becoming a big business opportunity in the era of mobile payments.

Although many mobile clinics are non-profit based, a growing number of veterinarian facilities are spending more time in the field than at the office.

“Mobile payments impacted how we treat animals belonging to low-income families,” says Logan Moran, a veterinarian assistant in Austin, Texas. “We see far more patients on our mobile days.”

In particular, Moran says PayAnywhere’s mobile credit card reader “fundamentally changed” their business for the better.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without a reliable mobile payments solution,” Moran explains. “Customers trust the service and find it kind of cool when you pull out an iPhone with a card-swiper attached to it. So high-tech in appearance, but actually very simple and much cheaper than traditional cash registers.”

Moran says using the PayAnywhere app in the field inspired one of the primary veterinarians at the clinic to exclusively use the mobile POS solution at the office too.

“It just makes everything easier,” he says. “It really does.”