Verve Wireless, ABCi Push Mobile Metrics Program

As the deployment of mobile media continues to boom, the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ interactive unit, ABCi, is capitalizing on the red hot mobile industry by partnering with Verve Wireless for a comprehensive new mobile publishing metrics program.

Essentially, the partnership will give rise to the ability to audit newspapers’ mobile content delivered via the Verve publishing platform. Jointly, they can provide myriad news outlets (along with their advertisers) independently verified usage data generated via applications, ereaders and mobile browsers.

Serving as a third-party check on the vital stats and other metrics publishers and advertisers need to know, the data culled will deliver in-depth metrics, like mobile audience by device type, audience in relation to day and time, access points (i.e. browser or ereader), unique visitors and page views.

As the mobile channel grows more sophisticated by the day, so too must the tools utilized in gaining the essential metrics needed to successfully conduct business and deploy content across the mobile landscape.

According to an ABC survey on the mobile publishing market that was conducted last year, better than 80% of respondents indicated that they would “rely more heavily on mobile devices as a primary information source” within a three-year time frame.

“It’s clear that mobile represents the next generation of publishing,” said Art Howe, CEO of Verve Wireless. “In order for advertisers to have confidence in the medium, there has to be accountability and verifiable usage statistics. ABC’s interactive audit services are ideally suited to audit user data across all mobile technology platforms, all devices and all networks.”