Verto Analytics Increases Monthly Revenue

Verto Analytics, a consumer-centric measurement company, just announced continued market momentum with a 48 percent increase in month-to-month revenue since the beginning of Q1/2017.

The company’s growth has been largely fueled by a high demand for research and measurement solutions that help brands and publishers overcome the challenge of media fragmentation.

We’re told that Verto also tripled its U.S.-based customers in 2017 with the addition of several Fortune 500 brands and publishers, establishing itself as a next-generation alternative for providing single-source, cross-platform audience measurement.

“Our vision is to be the industry’s go-to source for consumer behavioral insights,” said Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics. “We put the consumer in the center of our measurement methodology, and doing so gives companies the ability to see how behavior and mindsets are evolving in a very transparent way. With a holistic understanding of a single consumer’s cross-platform journey, how audiences engage with media on a daily basis, and the effectiveness of media and advertising, our customers are delivering more seamless experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and results for their businesses.”

For more information about Verto products, including their new Smart Poll for enterprise offering, click here.