Vertebrae Releases Native Advertising SDK

VRJournal confirmed ahead of the weekend that Vertebrae — a Santa Monica headquartered firm specializing in native advertising for VR and mobile AR — is out with a private beta version of its software development kit (SDK).

The report in question notes that this 1.0 version is a drag-and-drop SDK that allows VR developers to unlock a variety of monetization options, with a broad mix of immersive ways publishers and brands can advertise natively in VR without disrupting people’s experience.

“We’re building a sustainable alternative to the premium pay-for-play content distribution model, fueled by brands telling interactive, engaging VR stories, that will facilitate quicker mass market VR adoption through accessible F2P content,” said Marc Bennett, Vertebrae’s COO.

The Unity-compatible SDK works across the major VR platforms and is simple to integrate.

“Vertebrae works with publishers to guide them on choosing the best placements and formats within their experiences and then pays them based on impressions,” noted the company in a release.

“We’ve made it a priority to offer a range of immersive, native ways to tell stories in VR,” said Vince Cacace, CEO at Vertebrae. “Options range from simple 360 pre-roll ad formats to more complex in-VR product placement options. Imagine engaging with a virtual product that, when opted into, seamlessly unlocks branded worlds that amplify the VR experience while articulating the brand message.”

Additionally, we’re told that Vertebrae is also currently working with the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) to define standards for the new advertising formats.