VertaMedia Launches Holistic Demand Management Platform for Publishers

MMW connected this week with the team at VertaMedia, an award winning global video technology solution provider.

The company has just announced the launch of a Holistic Demand Management Platform for publishers.

Fueled by increased publisher adoption of the VertaMedia’s video ad technology platform, the company has developed a unique solution to fulfill direct publisher needs in a unified, holistic sell side technology solution.

Recognizing the advertiser community’s recent calls for a more transparent and direct supply chain, VertaMedia brings a new thinking and product design to the market that returns control and significant lost revenues to media companies which have seen growth in programmatic demand via a highly intermediated marketplace model that has leveraged many resellers to create demand. This announcement comes after months of development in partnership with top-tier demand and supply partners.

So how does the offering work?

The platform provides media owners with a suite of solutions for conducting programmatic direct deals via client and server side points of access, connecting platform buyers with omni-channel media sources without a need to involve business mediators into the workflow.

“The innovation we are bringing to the market establishes a new standard for the sell side technology workflow. It is time for publishers to take back the control of their monetization process and realize the benefits of developing technology independence via direct buyer and seller integrations. These innovations are the inevitable outcome of a marketplace that has undergone a significant transformation in the last decade,” says Chris Karl, VertaMedia’s CEO.